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In my approach to scheduling, I've adopted a proactive strategy that involves booking out my clients for the entire year. This means that each client, at the end of their current appointment, secures their slots for the upcoming twelve months. This meticulous planning not only ensures that my calendar is well-organized and efficient but also significantly minimizes the occurrences of cancellations or reschedules.

Once this yearly scheduling is complete, my booking system effectively closes its doors, creating a locked-in schedule based on these pre-booked appointments. However, there's a unique aspect to this process – the potential for openings. These openings may emerge if a client happens to drop out or if unexpected availability appears in my calendar. Until these situations arise, the books remain closed, emphasizing the dedication to the pre-planned appointments.

Additionally, it's worth noting that while the majority of services adhere to this strict yearly booking structure, appointments for brow lams and waxing may have rare occurrences of openings. For these specific services, I recommend checking back at the schedule periodically to seize any available slots that may arise due to unforeseen circumstances. This strategic yearly booking approach has proven effective, offering stability and minimizing disruptions in the scheduling process.

For Namaste Beauty Bar, incorporating "Namaste" into the name signifies a profound connection to spirituality, tranquility, and holistic well-being


 Yearly Booking and Appointment Selection

 Initial Consultation and Scheduling Discussion

Begin your booking journey with Bri by scheduling an initial consultation. This can be done through a brief phone call or an in-person meeting, depending on your preference. During this consultation, discuss your esthetician needs, preferences, and the specific services you're interested in. Bri will provide insights into her expertise, understand your goals, and answer any questions you may have.

 Seizing Openings and Additional Appointments

If you're ready to dive into a long-term commitment to your skincare and esthetician needs, Bri offers a unique yearly booking system. Together, you'll plan your appointments for the entire year, securing your preferred time slots well in advance. This strategic approach minimizes the chances of cancellations or reschedules, ensuring a dedicated and consistent schedule for your treatments. Once your yearly appointments are in place, the books are closed, and your slots are reserved exclusively for you.

While the books may initially seem closed, Bri understands that life is dynamic, and unexpected changes can occur. If, for any reason, openings become available due to a client drop-out or unexpected availability on Bri's end, she will reach out to offer these opportunities to her clients. This step ensures that even though the schedule is locked in, there's a chance for additional appointments or adjustments when circumstances allow. It's a flexible and accommodating way to make the most of your esthetician experience with Bri.





You will never get a better facial anywhere else

Brianna is so thoughtful and attentive in her work. I went for facial before my wedding and my skin has never been better. Her facials include more with massages and treatments like no other place. Can’t speak highly enough about Brianna and her business! The homemade lattes are the sweetest touch.

Nina T

Brianna’s dedication to her work goes far beyond just her specialty of beautification

She truly embodies all the qualities of a five star service. Anyone that has the opportunity to experience her facials, brows or wax services is lucky beyond words. Her love for what she does, positive energy and bright aura is palpable from start to finish. She is just the best!!!

nadine s

Most amazing facial. I’m a massage therapist and I will say her massage as well is 10/10. 

She knows just the right products to use and always has the perfect recommendations if needed. The minute you step into the spa your tension melts away. I’m thankful I have a standing appointment with her, it’s by far the best thing my husband and I treat ourselves with monthly.

katie J.

To say that she is amazing is understatement. 

Known Brianna for over 5 years, love her. She is very professional and knowledgeable at her work. Always strives to learn new services and products. Has great taste and just amazing!!

Galina K

The salon is beautiful and tastefully decorated and so easy to get to! 

Brianna is the most attentive and caring individual! I thankfully got paired with her years ago to do my bridal make up at the venue and have been following her ever since. Now I am thankful she helps keep my face looking good! When she is doing her magic it is easy to drift off and just relax and melt into the coziest bed. 

Sheena W

Amazing coffee bar, snacks and ambiance! Easy parking!

Everything is always perfect! I have to force myself not to fall asleep so I can enjoy every second! That is very hard to do… thank you Brianna!


I’ve had lots of facials and nothing comes close to Bri’s! 

I love how she customizes each facial for whatever your skin needs at that time. She also uses my favorite skin care line ever and you leave feeling so relaxed and refreshed. There’s a reason she books out a year in advance people! Best kept (not so) secret in Rochester. I also LOVE the brow lamination. She’s so talented and you can tell she truly loves what she does. I’m a customer for LIFE!


Brianna is a master of her trade. Hands down the best of the best in our city. 

My expectations are always set high when I travel and get a facial elsewhere and to this day NONE of them compare. Her skincare knowledge, her touch & professionalism is unmatched. She is kind, she gives you all the good energy and love when you are in her hands! I have only amazing things to say about Brianna.

Megan S

Such an adorable place, very relaxing, clean and beautiful moody esthetic.

The most incredible facial I have ever received and I’m sad I’m just finding Brianna (so much facial time missed). From start to finish the entire experience was incredible. Very relaxing, nourishing and therapeutic. All thought is a facial it’s really a full body experience, she does a lovely massage which helps promote blood flow and lymphatic drainage along with her treatment.

katie J.

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 Namaste Beauty Bar, where every treatment is an invitation to a transformative journey. Join me on this adventure, where beauty isn't just seen; it's felt, experienced, and embraced. 

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